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About Manmohan Memorial Hospital

Founded in 2006, Nepal Health Care Co-operative Limited (NEHCO-Nepal) managed two different wings namely Manmohan Memorial Community Hospital and Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences (MMIHS) respectively. Both wings were established under the name of Former Prime Minister Late Manmohan Adhakari, a great patriot and renowned leader of Nepal and of South Asia. NEHCO is committed to invest its all efforts to ensure practical as well as scientific education and quality health care service delivery through the cooperative initiatives. MMIHS, leading towards university, is an academic institute of applied health sciences.

Our Mission & Vision

Promote the quality of education health services through the equal in service delivery, social inclusion in health program planning and health program planning and health services utilization, and production of competent human resources including marginalized group and remote areas of Nepal.

Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences (MMIHS) envisions ensuring the quality of life of the Nepalese people through the provision of quality health education and health services.

Manmohan Memorial Hospital Goal

Develop MMIHS as A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE THROUGH EDUCATION, RESEARCH AND SERVICES. MMIHS seeks to prepare socially responsible and technically competent health professionals in the society, not only to pass examinations or profession, but also aims to developing to tolerant, balances independent and right attitude of mind and spirit and a desire to serve the patient with head, hands and heart. Its special characteristics are the wide range of developing a full personality and to bring out talents of the students for developing own benefit and that of society as a whole.


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