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Gynecology & Obstetrics

Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics is having 24 hours emergency management and regular OPD, Major & Minor surgeries. Hospital also gives service of normal delivery and very much active to decrease MMR rate of the country and very soon going to do surgical Camp with doctors team of the Netherlands.

  • Dr. Manor Din Shaiyed . (B.Sc, MBBS, MD) Incharge
  • Dr. Neetu Singh Shrestha (MBBS, MD)
  • Dr. Umakant Bhattarai. (MBBS, MD)
  • Dr. Bishal Khaniya (MBBS, MD).


  • Dr. Nirajan Subedi (MBBS, MS)
  • Dr. Tej Prakash Dawadi (MBBS, MS)
  • Dr. Aradhana Jibendra Jha (MBBS, MS)
  • Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology serve’s with all kinds of Traumatic patients including spine surgery, we also serve with pediatric trauma & Pediatric cold orthopedics. MMTH also serve orthopedics services for Geriatric OPD.


  • Dr. Saput Pandey Chettri, (MBBS, MD Psychiatry)
  • Department of Psychiatry serve with Mental & Behavior disorder recovery to disturbance in mental pathway and includes neuropsychiatry as well.

    Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Rameshwar Mahaseth ( MBBS, MD) - Incharge
  • Orientation training to nursing student’s started in February 2014
  • Dr. Khem Raj Bhusal (MBBS, MD)
  • Dr. Milan Shakya (MBBS, MD)
  • Dr. Surya Pathak. (MBBS, MD)


  • Dr. Bipin
  • Dr.

    Dermatology Department

  • Surgical
  • Dr. Rajkumar Chettri.
  • Dr.

  • Dental
  • Dr.
  • Dr.
  • ENT
  • Dr.

  • Physiotherapy
  • Dr.

  • Urology
  • Dr.

  • Pediatrics
  • Dr. Uma
  • Dr. Pragya


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